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Magic beeswax to protect your YKRA bag from all weathers, climates and environments!

Natural impregnating wax for waterproofing canvas products.

Handmade in Hungary from beeswax and paraffin wax.

Application provides a protective barrier from moisture and rain, increases the durability of the bag, and protects the fabric from thorns, bushes and campfire embers.

YKRA's instructions on use:

  1. Ensure your pack is clean and dry to begin with. This will allow for better coverage and penetration.
  2. Rub the wax bar over your material, making sure to concentrate particularly in areas where there are seams or stitching, as these will be the areas of your bag most likely to allow rain in. This process is much easier if the wax bar has been slightly heated or warmed, making it softer and easier to spread. 
  3. Once the entire pack has been covered, the waxed needs to be absorbed into the cotton fibres for it to do its job. We do this by melting it and allow it to impregnate the fibres. We recommend this is done with a hair dryer on a medium heat. If in the field, this can be done carefully over campfire embers (not open flame!) or over a gas stove.
  4. And you’re done! Test by applying some water. If it beads and falls away then you are good to go. Repeat the steps as necessary



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